Protection For Public Figures And Their Families


Apex is proud to serve a distinct client base who require the highest level of confidence, performance, and confidentiality. Our expertise lies in offering comprehensive security consultancy services, ensuring protection at clients’ residences, during travel, and at public events. Apex specializes in investigating and evaluating potential threats, effectively handling cases involving inappropriate pursuit. We extend a wide range of safety and privacy solutions, encompassing travel logistics, security measures, background screening for prospective employees, and security awareness training for our clients’ staff members. 


Apex specializes in creating and staffing residential protective security programs. Our team consists of highly trained and carefully screened protectors who are experts in monitoring detection systems, maintaining access control, deterring intrusion, and responding promptly to emergencies.


Apex’ Asset relocation services encompass a comprehensive range of professional solutions designed to facilitate the seamless transfer of valuable assets from one location to another. Whether it involves emergency evacuation or a planned movement of assets our providers specialize in managing every aspect of the process. From meticulous planning and secure packaging to transportation logistics and unpacking at the destination, these services ensure the safe and efficient relocation of assets, minimizing the risk of damage or loss during transit. With experienced professionals at the helm, Apex’s relocation services offer a secure and reliable experience, allowing clients to focus on other responsibilities while entrusting Apex for the smooth transfer of their high valued possessions.